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Entertainment Industry May Not New For Her Made Her First Step Into Her Career In 2011 Indiarisa Has Been Already Well Known As A Radio Broadcaster And TV Presenter Indiarisa Escalates Her Career In 2020 Through Her Voice And Music Indiarisa Is Ready As A Singer Surprised By All The New Things That Happened Through The Process Of Making Her Music She Never Knew How Powerful A Song Was Until She Released Her First Single Named BALAKOSA Bumi Rancu Tanpamu The Song Tells More About How To Be Thankful And More Appreciate Of All Things That Happened In Our Life Through Her Life Experience Towards Quarter Life Crisis She Found Many Things Which Were Worth Every Second Of It Not Only An Art Project She Learned That This Music Is Also Another Way Of Therapy To Calm You Down While She Was Facing Many Problems She Hopes That Everyone Who Appreciates Her Music Will Learn And Listen The Same Thing That She Wants To Deliver Through Her Music

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Entertainment industry may not new for her. Made her first step into her career in 2011, Indiarisa has been already well-known as a radio broadcaster and TV presenter. Indiarisa escalates her career in 2020 through her voice and music. Indiarisa is ready as a singer. Surprised by all the new things that happened through the process of making her music, she never knew how powerful a song was until she released her first single named “BALAKOSA” (bumi rancu tanpamu).” The song tells more about how to be thankful and more appreciate of all things that happened in our life. Through her life experience towards quarter life crisis, she found many things which were worth every second of it. Not only an art project, she learned that this music is also another way of therapy to calm you down while she was facing many problems, she hopes that everyone who appreciates her music will learn and listen the same thing that she wants to deliver through her music.